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Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of a bride and groom's day. For as long as there have been weddings there have been wedding cakes. Wedding cakes have long been a symbol of the couple's prosperity, fertility and for a charmed and happy marriage. Although the size, recipe and contents of the wedding cake have changed dramatically over the years, the tradition of the cake remains the same. Wedding Cakes used be made by guests and brought to the reception where they were stacked - the bigger the cake the more popular the bride!

At Dooney Delights, we will create a unique chocolate biscuit wedding cake for you. Whether you choose from our basic designs or have a custom made cake bespoke to you - we guarantee you something special. We can also provide 'fake' tiers for that added effect.

In order to make life as easy for you as possible we will arrange to meet with you to go through your requirements and to give you some samples to try. We ask for 2 month's notice when ordering wedding cakes and a non refundable deposit of €100 two weeks before delivery.

Pink floral wedding cake
Pink floral wedding cake
Ivory wedding cake
Ivory wedding cake
4 tiered navy & ivory wedding cake
4 tired navy & white cake
Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom
Waiting in anticipation!
Waiting in anticipation! €210
Bride & Groom cake
Bride & Groom cake €185
Wedgewood Blue Wedding Cake
Wedgewood Blue Wedding Cake €320
Classic Rose's Tiered Cake
Classic Rose's tiered cake
Laced Wedding Cake
Laced cake €115

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